Xenia Angelica Wijayanto

Head of Centre for Publication, Head of Centre for Intellectual Property, Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR

Xenia Angelica Wijayanto, S.H., M.Si. Researcher and lecturer at the LSPR Communication and Business Institute, currently as Head of LSPR Centre for Publication and also Head of LSPR Centre for Intellectual Property. Her research interests include media, journalism, environment, diversity, pop culture and law. Her works include Becoming an Ethically Wise Citizen Journalist (2019), Preventing and Overcoming Bullying in the Digital World (2019), How to Use Electronic Wallets Wisely (2021), etc.

16 September 2022 | 09:30 - 10:00 | Bahasa | Cyberbullying and Digital Footprints in Social Media among Gen-Z

Increasingly sophisticated technology can read and map our habits just by reading the traces we leave behind. The convenience of technology also turns out to have a side that we need to be aware of, namely our traces in cyberspace or digital footprints. This digital footprint also forms and perpetuates a picture of who we are in the digital world, which can be more detailed than we imagine. No matter what we do online, it is important for us to know what kind of footprint we are leaving, and what effect it will have on us in the future. An understanding of how to maintain a good digital footprint is necessary for all digital users, especially the younger generation who are often the targets and perpetrators of cyber bullying. By knowing and understanding it, the younger generation will be able to choose the right steps in interacting in an increasingly developing virtual world.