Trilita Apriani

Asesor Kompetency/teacher vocational, SMKS Gita Kirtti 2 Jakarta

I am a teacher with 22 years of dedication in the world of education. I was born in a village from a simple family but has big aspirations, to educate the nation's children. At every opportunity I always take advantage of the time to continue to study and learn. So that I can continue to upgrade knowledge in line with the development of science and technology so that my students are also better prepared to meet future development.

Edtech in Action

16 September 2022 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Digital Citizenship

Almost all citizens today have become digital citizens, who are obliged to obey the rules by having ethics and norms in cyberspace so that security, comfort, and health while using the internet are maintained. Digital Citizenship is the norm of proper and responsible behavior with the use of technology.