Sugi Darmayanti

English Teacher, State Senior High School 2 Situbondo

My name is Sugi Darmayanti, I'm a Government Junior High School  English teacher at Bondowoso, a small city in East Java Province since 1993-2000.Then I moved to Situbondo  ( It is about 35 km from Bondowoso) and became a Government Senior High School English Teacher till now.Beside I have to do my duties as an English teacher I also like to enjoy reading and writing poem.I also often take a part of Scientific Research Competition with my students.It is always giving me a lot of amazing experiences of involving in such research which is held by some universities in Indonesia. I also involved in some scientific researches competition which is held by SEAMEO. Actually, I like to take a part of any scientific field research.But the most interesting for me is to do a research which is important and easy to be implemented in my neighbourhood social communities. For me,Education is not only to make someone become so smart ,but it also makes life easier and meaningfull to others.


16 September 2022 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English/Bahasa | Open Schooling from reality to necessity

Now the common object is to encourage every student to discover their amazing abilities to discover and develop various skills and potentials, so that he or she becomes a professional in a different area of ​​expertise. Our activity, as teachers is to highlight the inner characteristics of students, To encourage skills, share knowledge, organize projects such as the STEAM project. The activities we do, at least must be interesting and innovative. This topic aims to initiate the younger generation with scientific research methods. In terms of the expected results, students at the end of the activity are not discouraged in the face of failure but try to try new solutions to develop the implementation of the didactic model of the new technology, motivate learning science and mathematics, create opportunities to engage and compare with other students even in context.