Popi Rosepti

Graduate Student, Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia

I am a graduate student in the faculty of education. I concern on education in the specific field of teaching quality for children education. I started my teaching since 2008 and spurred myself to any educational activities since then. Besides that, I am also active in writing children books to inculcate a good reading habit through educational materials. I have published eight children books and some are still in the developmental stage. Right now, I am also planning some research projects due to the topic of educational issues and challenges in children areas. My paper regarding children developmental delay had been presented in The International Conference of Muslim Education conducted by Universitas Islam International Indonesia in the end of May. For instance, I also dedicate myself to contribute to educational field through sharing educational values in social media. Being a speaker related to the topic is also my joy to perceive this passion because I want to widely give more values to other people around me.

Future Learning

14 September 2022 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Reflective Teaching: Is It a Solution for Improving Teaching Quality?

Education is not about transferring knowledge to students, but it must allow them to grow and develop their skills. Therefore, education is supposed to consist of values provoking learners to understand ‘how to think, what to think and why we think’ (Kolb, 2015). In fulfilling this, reflective teaching can be a choice for teachers because they can be more critical of their ways in taking teaching approaches to achieve educational aims for instance. Teacher is also responsible for educational process in every aspect of learning such as instructional method, curriculum, or materials. Therefore, teachers are supposed to do reflection to promote better quality in their teaching. In his book, Dewey (1997) mentioned that we do not learn so much from experience as we do from reflecting on our experience (Dewey, 1997). Based on his thought, without reflection, teachers and students will never learn from own experience. Consequently, their learning will probably meaningless and less values.