Nhung Huynh

International Mobility Coordinator, FPT University

Ms. Nhung Huynh, an International Mobility Coordinator at FPT Education Global, FPT University, is involved in Educational Program Development and building Mobility Programs for International students. I have met and worked with a variety of partners and students from Indonesia and other ASEAN countries in my present line of work, giving me opportunities to learn about and get insight into intercultural and communication competency. I'm also an enthusiast for working in the field of education, conducting case studies on Mobility Programs (such as Internship programs, Study tour programs, etc.) in Vietnam for International students, and writing research papers on E-Education.


16 September 2022 | 13:00 - 13:30 | Communication and Intercultural Competences: FPT’s Study Tour

The purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into windows, to help students and learners of all ages to accumulate practical skills for their future in the real world. One of the most important skills of all in this day and age is Communication and Intercultural Competences. • Communication here refers to the ability to interact with other people and to express oneself effectively. Intercultural Competences can take students to another level of communication. In this world of globalization, of cultural-hotpots and intercontinental businesses, it is crucial for learners to understand how they can maneuver and work with people from different cultures. • To provide students with such skills and the opportunities to harness these skills, FPT Education Global has designed the Study Tour program, for students to experience a truly international educational space. They will be able to communicate and interact with different cultures and customs. Eventually, through such interactions and other experiential activities, learners can substantially develop and enhance their personal capacity.