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British curriculum dominates Dubai schools

With the expansion of private education markets in the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority is expecting more new schools and extra capacity at existing ones.

The private education sector in Dubai is dominating, with 88 per cent of Dubai’s schoolchildren enrolled in private institutions, including 57 per cent of all Emirati pupils.

School inspections and international assessment data show an improvement in the quality of education and performance of students over the past five years.

The British system, specifically, is the most popular within Dubai, with more than 70,000 students enrolled. It has also experienced the highest growth in student enrolments.

According to the OECD’s Programme of International Student Assessment, students in the British system in Dubai perform better on average than students at schools in the UK. The British schools in the emirate are also cheaper compared with independent and private day schools in the UK.

* Caline Malek

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