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Adec summer camp equips kids with skills and compassion

Abu Dhabi parents have praised the special summer programme "Suyfuna Mumayaz" for kids, noting that it has taught them new skills and helped them utilise their holiday well.

The 'Sayfuna Mumayaz' organised by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) concluded on Thursday and saw the participation of 18,035 students. A total number of 10,895 students from various school cycles participated in the fun and educational environment across the various community centres, while 5,368 students participated in Jiu Jitsu and swimming activities.

The activities in the programme focused on six different areas - arts, national values, innovation, educational programmes, entertainment, and competitions.

The programmes, which ran from July 2-20, aimed to enable students to best utilise their leisure time during summer holiday and enjoy scientific, artistic, sports, cultural and heritage activities in addition to demonstrating their eagerness to do volunteer work, in compliance with UAE's 'Year of Giving'.

"This was a fantastic programme for kids," said Emirati father, Mohammed Abbas. "Besides keeping them busy during the holidays, my children have learned swimming skills and Jiu Jitsu skills. They also learned social and creative skills."

Ayesha Hassan, a mother of three, said she loves such programmes for her kids. "They contain children during their long holiday and help them to use their leisure time for something useful and beneficial in life than being redundant at home or just playing for the entire vacation." She said the programme has taught the kids skills that will benefit them in their future life.

Emirati Ayed Al Menhali said that the programme has benefited the students and many got new experiences.

"Through the interactions in various sports and social activities, the child gets new experience and knowledge that will help him become a responsible person in the community and of benefit to the nation."

Sayfuna Mummayaz also offered 'My Profession' and 'My Identity' programmes. The summer work placement programme 'My Profession', which saw the participation of 116 students, will wrap up at the end of the month, said organisers. It is aimed at providing Emirati students with the necessary skills needed to begin their careers.

The 'My Identity' programme, which collaborated with 30 organisations to increase student social and intellectual and thinking skills and help promote important values such as loyalty and social responsibility, was joined by 156 students.

Creating well-rounded kids

Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, executive director of school operations of Adec, expressed his delight at the positive response of students and parents.

He commended the keenness of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, who received Sayfuna Mummayaz organising committee and reviewed the programme activities and its importance in improving student skills, promoting values of voluntary work, strengthening national identity, and promoting values of giving and community services among students.

Sheikh Mohamed emphasised that Sayfuna Mumayaz programme and similar activities and initiatives are important to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills that help develop their social awareness.

Al Dhaheri added that Sayfuna Mummayaz is considered one of the most popular programmes organised during summer. As part of the concluding events, Sayfuna Mummayaz exhibition was organised at Adec headquarters, where the works of students were displayed.

The 2017 Summer Challenge programme, another initiative offered by Adec, attracted 1,500 students from Grades 8-11 to join academic courses aimed at improving student knowledge and skills in ICT, English and Life Skills.

The programme offered specialised courses such as the IELTS preparation course, Future Leaders course, 3D printing and Microsoft Office skills, Graphic Design skills, as well as an Introduction to Innovation course, which was a new addition to the programme this year.

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