Naufal Asy-Syaddad

Head, PPPA Yogasmara, Central Java

Naufal is a spokesperson as an autistic individual for rising awareness and autistic people rights advocacy.


15 September 2022 | 15:00 - 15:30 | How Individuals With Autism Contribute To Zero Waste Management ?

Founded in 2010, Sekolah Alam Medan (SAM) or Medan School of Nature is the first school for autistic teenagers in Medan - North Sumatra, Indonesia with mission to stop climate change towards low carbon future and in the same time to reduce inequalities by empowering the special needs teens by projects, workshop and education. We provide an environmentally sustainable education model and equip students with the life skills – driven by earth friendly practices – that will have a positive impact through greater independence gained. SAM classrooms are made from bamboo and the school motto is Kindness for All, means kindness to be extended to all people with and without special needs as well as the environment.