Natasha Rubbyk

head of department, SIT Nurul Fikri

I am an employee of SIT NF since 2014 and started my career as a staff in the human resources department. I am currently assigned as the head of Human Resources and Organization

15 September 2022 | 11:00 - 11:30 | The benefits of coaching as an employee development method

The presentation will contain the explanation of research results on the topic “Benefits of Coaching as a Method of Employee Development at SIT Nurul Fikri” which is intended to identify the benefits of coaching as a method of developing employees from the perspective of the Coach (leader) and HR team) and Coachee (employees). This research hypothesizes is some benefits are felt by employees as coaches and leaders and the HR team as coaches with various forms of benefit variations. This study involved 39 respondents with 30 coachees (employees) and nine coaches (leaders and HR Team) who had undergone at least 1 (one) coaching session. This research is quantitative research with a survey research method with the result that 100% of respondents get and feel the benefits of coaching as an employee development method.