Michael R. Singh

Head of School, SIS Kelapa Gading

After working in several industries throughout my high school and college life, I stumbled upon a chance to work with children of newly landed immigrants to Canada and also coach basketball. This life changing opportunity gave me insight into how rewarding working with young minds could be. I had the opportunity to start formally teaching in a school back in Medan, North Sumatra as an English teacher and I have never regretted my pursuit of this passion ever since. Ultimately over the years I have managed to have the privilege to develop myself as a Head of Department, Vice Principal, IB DP Coordinator and now for the past 7 years as a Head of School. I have seen a lot of ambitious young minds both fail and succeed but something which has always remained constant over the years is the drive and passion which educators have to continually help their students. As a leader it is crucial that the day to day routine of "putting out small fires" here and there does not make us lose sight of the bigger picture and that being, to continue to put not only quality education out there for our students but more importantly their health and well-being.

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