Marta Mila Sughesti

Teacher of Mathematics, State Senior High School 2 Situbondo

I am a mathematics teacher, I have experience teaching at all levels of education, namely elementary, middle and high school. I have been teaching since 2005 until now and work at SMA Negeri 2 Situbondo, in a small town in the province of East Java, Indonesia. I am an outstanding teacher at the national level and won various national and international competitions in the fields of entrepreneurship, recycling, video making and research. I really love my profession, time with students is very valuable time, I was given the trust to guide students who will take part in various competitions from the provincial, national and international levels. My students and I have won various competitions at national and international levels both in academic and non-academic fields. For me education is a means to break the chain of poverty and ignorance where every child has the right to get it, therefore through this GESS we hope to get the opportunity to explain how the collaboration of teachers and students from different countries work together to improve competence, creativity and innovation students so that they become the golden generation of each nation.


Future Learning

16 September 2022 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English/Bahasa | Open Schooling from reality to necessity

Now the common object is to encourage every student to discover their amazing abilities to discover and develop various skills and potentials, so that he or she becomes a professional in a different area of ​​expertise. Our activity, as teachers is to highlight the inner characteristics of students, To encourage skills, share knowledge, organize projects such as the STEAM project. The activities we do, at least must be interesting and innovative. This topic aims to initiate the younger generation with scientific research methods. In terms of the expected results, students at the end of the activity are not discouraged in the face of failure but try to try new solutions to develop the implementation of the didactic model of the new technology, motivate learning science and mathematics, create opportunities to engage and compare with other students even in context.