Lianly Rompis

Senior Lecturer, Unika De La Salle Manado

I received my Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering in 1999 from Universitas Sam Ratulangi Manado Indonesia and Master degree of Information Technology Studies in 2011 from University of Wollongong New South Wales Australia. Currently I work as a Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Study Program, Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado, North Sulawesi-Indonesia.

Edtech in Action ENG

15 September 2022 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Smartphone as a Smart tool for Learning Management and Organisation

In this conference I will show the use of smartphone as a smart tool for learning management and organizing stuffs. I will demonstrate how to get a good picture of a computer, TV, or LCD screen using smartphone camera (usually we had a noisy image when we directly portray the information displayed on computer screen, TV screen, or LCD screen (such as from monitor, laptop, multimeter, or oscilloscope). Then I will show how to portray a front view of an object which has a glossy or bouncing circuit (such as a book with plastic cover, sticker, watch, and etc.). I will also demonstrate how to use a smartphone to find small things that are difficult to see with our own bare eyes (such as needle, nail, and screw). The latter is part of my undergoing research with colleagues.