Lasia Sinuraya

Program Specialist, Putera Sampoerna Foundation

I am an educational practitioner who has mastered the andragogy approach in providing training to adults (teacher). I am developing the quality of schools in several areas of Indonesia, starting from the curriculum, human resource development to the establishment of a sustainable system.


15 September 2022 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Bahasa | Andragogy approach to adult learning

Andragogy is a model of the learning process of students consisting of adults. Andragogy is also referred to as the technology of involving adults in learning. The learning process can occur well if learning methods and techniques involve students. Self-involvement (student ego) is the key to success in adult learning. For this reason, educators should be able to help students to: (a) define their learning needs, (b) formulate learning objectives, (c) participate in taking responsibility for planning and compiling learning experiences, and (d) participate in evaluate the process and results of learning activities. Thus, every educator must involve students as optimally as possible in learning activities. Learning activities in adult education are still the most efficient and acceptable learning activities and are dynamic and flexible tools in helping adults learn.