Iing Felicia

Early Childhood Principal, Tzu Chi School

Iing Felicia is a professional on early childhood education. She has worked for many years in several kindergartens in Jakarta. Currently, she is working as an Early Childhood Principal in Tzu Chi School. She is passionate about quality in the Early Years sector, making sure that children receive the best possible care to help them reach their full potential. She stresses the importance of instilling good character in early years. Felicia has shared her expert knowledge with private organizations as well as public university.


Leaders in Education

15 September 2022 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Bahasa | Leadership in Turbulent Times

A leader plays an important role and creates a significant change in people and organizations. He influences the perceptions and values of the institution. He is a captain to navigate and inspires people to reach the vision and mission through turbulent times.  These turbulent times demand rethinking responses to program and system levels while maintaining quality care for children.