Haifa Segeir

Director/Chairperson, ASK Consulting/New Zealand School Jakarta/Indonesia International School Association

Haifa Segeir started working in the management of the Cooperation Education unit (formerly known as the International School) since 2005 in one of the largest school groups in Indonesia. Currently she is the Chairperson of the Indonesian SPK School Association with a network of more than 400 cooperative education units throughout Indonesia and also sits as the Chairperson of the New Zealand International School Foundation, a cooperative education unit in South Jakarta and also sits on the advisory board of several national and international educational institutions, through ASK Consulting, the only international Education management consulting firm in Indonesia that has international networks in several countries. With an educational background in law and public policy, she is often involved and invited to discuss laws and regulations and policies in the field of national education. She is also a regular speaker at several seminars or webinars in the field of Education both at national and international level.


Future Learning

15 September 2022 | 10:00 - 10:30 | English | The importance of parents engagement in boosting the students' academic performance

OECD report 2018 shown that parents support is one of three key reasons to achieve academic excellence. And World Bank Report 2017 shown 90% of parents in Indonesia only participate once (or never) in their child’s class activities. This is obviously a big concern, and we can only assume that this is the major reason why Indonesia PISA score is always on the bottom list. With the pandemic situation, parents are “forced” to be involved and schools have no choice but to ensure that the parents are fully engaged to their kids’ learning. It leaves a big gap in many schools on how to effectively engage their parents for a positive outcome to ensure that their involvement will boost their kids’ academic performance and how the teachers and all school’s stakeholders can play a part in this initiative.