Ervan Jaya

Trainer/Reseacher, Sekolah Guru Indonesia Dompet Dhuafa

I am one of the beneficiaries of the Dompet Dhuafa Indonesian Teacher School (SGI). I have gained various experiences since joining Dompet Dhuafa, in mid-2016. I underwent coaching from SGI and UIN Syarfi Hidayatullah Jakarta. I am grateful to be able to gain knowledge and at the same time have the opportunity to put it into practice with various programs in the form of training for teacher development and community empowerment. 2017-2018 Training for teachers in the walayan area; Bogor, Banten and Aceh. In each program, I do either CSI research or program development studies. I am also involved in the DD collaboration program with the Ministry of Education and Culture in the recovery program in the education sector in NTB and Central Sulawesi. I am involved in implementing the Independent Curriculum as a practice teacher for teacher education programs, facilitator for driving schools, and also program manager for mobilizing organizations.

Leaders in Education

15 September 2022 | 10:30 - 11:00 | English/Bahasa | The Implementation Of Teacher Leader Collaboration; Start-Up Project Leadership

This research explored a learning cycle based on the collaboration of teacher leadership with students in solving actual problems through innovative and productive business start-up. The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of the Teacher Leader Collaboration; Start-up Project Leadership carried out during the pandemic. The impact of implementing the Collaborative Teacher Leaders (KGP), Start-up Project Leadership (SPL) is not only for students and teachers but also for schools and parents. The impact of SPL on students; improves student creativity; motivates students; builds student character and increases student skills. The impact of DSS on teachers; develop teaching skills and teacher collaboration and develop teacher emotional intelligence. The impact of SPL on schools is that it can create a superior school culture. Finally, the impact on parents is that parents feel happy and proud to be able to collaborate with the school