Dr. Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum

Lecturer, State University of Jakarta

Dr. Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum, M.A was born on August 20th, 1960 in Solo. She is a permanent lecturer in the Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, State University of Jakarta and is still actively teaching until now. Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum studied starting from SDN 19 Kawatan, Solo, Central Java (graduated in 1973), continued to SMPN 3 Solo, Central Java (graduated in 1976), and Sman 2 Solo, Central Java (graduated in 1980), continuing Bachelor higher education at State IKIP of Semarang, Central Java (graduated in 1984), continued her Magister education at the Philipines Christian University, Manila (graduated in 1987), and continued her Doctor education at M. Quezon University, Manila, Philippines (graduated in 1991). She has major expertise and teaching experience in the field of Education. She has major expertise and teaching experience in the field of Education, besides being active in conducting various researches in the field of education, and has held several positions in the scope of education.

Future Learning

15 September 2022 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Bahasa | Strengthening Pancasila Character Education Towards the Golden Generation in the Era of Human Society 5.0

Character education is an effort to instill intelligence in thinking, appreciation in the form of attitudes, and practice in the form of behavior that is in accordance with the values of Pancasila which is the identity of the Indonesian nation, needs to be developed and realized by all elements of the Indonesian nation at the level of basic education - higher education. However, there are still phenomena in society that deviate from Pancasila character education. Facing era 5.0, it is necessary to strengthen character education as a response to digitalization in human life, thus enabling students, and all components of education to be able to utilize existing technology wisely and not to deviate from the values of Pancasila. The positive impact of digitalization is that humans can easily communicate. The negative impact can make humans have individualistic traits. Therefore, it is important to strengthen Pancasila Character Education.