Dr. Lestari Nurhajati

Vice Rector IV, Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR

Dr. Lestari Nurhajati is a lecturer and researcher at LSPR Communication and Business Institute Jakarta, Indonesia. She have experience more than 15 years on media as radio journalist, newspaper contributor, script writer on production house, also as managing editor on life style magazine. Her research interests are in the field of media studies, media literacy, political communication, journalism, gender, cohort generation, public relations, and So on. One of her best seller book is My Career is Multi Career (2015), Salatiga: Metagraph.

16 September 2022 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Bahasa | Understanding Media Consumption Patterns, Communication and Career Pathways in Generation Z

Media, culture, and society influence each other. So media consumption will have a direct and indirect impact on people's daily lives themselves. Likewise, the pattern of media consumption in Generation Z (born between 1996-2010), will affect their communication behavior, up to their career development process. The purpose of the research that will be socialized in this presentation is to provide understanding to teachers, lecturers, and also parents in providing support to their children who were born as Generation Z.