Dr. Abdulhamid Alfadaly

Executive Chairman, Taleem Educational Services and Consultations (TESC)

A visionary, influential educationalist, with remarkable accomplishments in educational systems and education technology fostering "Education for Nations to Rise", driven by vast expertise in education accreditation and quality assurance; a leader who believes that “No special formula for success; It's just vision and hard work.” Dr. Abdulhamid is the author of a 1-9 Social Studies Series, innovator of Flexi Education Framework, and founder of more than 20 international schools worldwide.


Leaders in Education

15 September 2022 | 14:30 - 15:30 | English | Student-Centered Approach Is No More a Myth Via Flexi Education Framework

When a physician is handing out 20 pills of the same kind of medicine to 20 patients of different diseases and confirmedly expecting them to recover, this is an absurdity. Nonetheless, this is the exact situation with traditional education dominating the world in the last 150 years. A schoolteachers is delivering one curriculum using the same methodologies, tools, and aids to all students who are drastically different in everything. Similarly, the current (traditional) education system is expecting all those students to receive such uniform deliveries and adapt themselves to live with them. Moreover, those students are ridiculously blamed when they fail to acclimatize or adopt those deliverables.  Flexi Education Model is meant to address this paradox practically, making use of the breakthrough in education technology and bringing student centered learning to action.