Dika Tri Andani

Founder, Bale Creative Education

Head of Southeast Aceh ICT Volunteers, Healthy Internet Champion 2022, Chair of PGRI SLCC Aceh Tenggara, Friends of Aceh Learning House 2021, Co-captain of learning.id Aceh, Gold Medal Winner of the 2021 Indonesian Literacy Literacy Olympiad, 2021 Gurulympic Gold Medal.


16 September 2022 | 10:00 - 10:30 | Bahasa | Prevent Cyber Bullying in Children, Anti Hoax Can Protect Privacy and Data Personal

The rise of cyberbullying that often occurs in children and adolescents. Cyberbullying is all forms of violence experienced or carried out through the internet world with the help of technology. Cyberbullying often occurs on social media, especially WhatsApp and Facebook, such as uploading pictures or videos to embarrass others, sending mocking messages and spreading rumors. Dika gave a message to parents that they need to supervise children in their daily internet use and provide understanding for children about personal data that should not be spread on the internet, be careful when communicating with people they don't know on the internet, and teach them to be internet wise.