Dewi Iswari Puspitawati

Partnership & Networking Coordinator (Former Principal of Primary Level), Elyon Christian Primary School Surabaya

Dewi Iswari, was born in Solo, and when she was in 3rd grade, she moved to Surabaya because of her parents' work. Raised in a family that supports her love of reading. Always fascinated by reading books of any kind. Since childhood, every Sunday after church she was always taken to a bookstore and given the freedom to choose 3 types of books. She was more willing to use her pocket money to buy books than clothes, toys, or other items. As a result, every house she occupied was always full of books and ran out of space to store them. Living and working in Bandung for approximately 9 years brought her to various and very diverse communities. Enriched with various experiences, as well as the opportunity to visit various places and meet many new people. Small seeds began to grow in her heart to write after seeing the lack of children's storybooks in the various places she visited. Came up in a conversation with close friends before deciding to return to Surabaya: “I want to write, specifically writing children's storybooks with good value.” Currently, that dream has not 100% come true. Only 4 articles were produced and recorded with other authors in a collection of works or anthology. One day, surely... that dream will come true. Now, while taking on the roles of a wife, mother, and principal, she continues to study and try to write other works. For those who want to chat further, you can contact Dewi via email: or at +628123229567.


Future Learning

14 September 2022 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Bahasa | Fostering A Culture of Literacy at School

4 years ago, there were data findings regarding interest in reading & the number of student visits to the library. The higher the grade, the interest in reading & the frequency of visits decreases. To solve these problems, we did a few things, which went well. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we decided three things to ensure literacy activities continued: 1. Conduct activities during Bulan Bahasa, online; 2. There are reading & writing activities every morning before class starts; 3. Using a reading app: Get Epic! for students to read & write the books' summary. We also published the students' written works. After 2 years, the progress of our literacy activities is increasingly visible. Students enthusiastically read books with a fantastic total number of books! In 2020 & 2021, we received an active literacy school award & this year, we also received an award from Nyalanesia-MURI as a school that consistently produces and publishes written works.