Chung Man Chan

Chief Product Officer, THINK Learning Studio

Chung Man is the Cheif Product Officer at THINK Learning Studio. Her international secondary teaching experiences in Australia, Hong Kong, and as the former Lead Educator at THINK Global School have led her to develop dynamic place-based visual arts projects, service learning projects, and PBL projects across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. She is a creative solutions mentor for international educators looking to expand their PBL projects and Futures Thinking strategies. Chung Man has a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Painting, Masters of Teaching in Secondary Visual Arts from the University of Sydney, Australia. And Masters of Arts Administration from UNSW, Australia. Chung Man's wealth of travel experience to 110 countries has guided her to develop a range of holistic curriculums and syllabi focusing on innovations, arts, geography and human stories.


14 September 2022 | 10:00 - 10:30 | English | Preparing Students For Life After High School

How are educators preparing our students for life after high school? Do students have the hard skills, do they have the soft skills, do students have the life skills, and most importantly, do they know to apply them in real-life scenarios? While most schools excel at preparing students for final exams, not all schools provide fundamental training for students to enter the new age workforce or life. Chung Man will investigate the future skillsets and practical strategies teachers can implement in the classroom. This talk will uncover lessons from the world's first traveling high school on their unique experiences to prepare our students to transition into the real world. THINK Global School is a ground-breaking high school offering students in grades ten through twelve a once-in-a-lifetime international educational experience through place- and project-based learning.

Leaders in Education ENG

15 September 2022 | 10:00 - 10:30 | English | Creating Better Schools

This visionary session invites participants to explore how we might transform the professional education and training of teachers & educators to empower young people to be 'changemakers' via authentic project-based and place-based educational challenges.  As the Chief Product Officer of THINK Learning Studio,  a professional development and innovation centre for education leaders, Chung Man will discuss how to strategically reimagine the preparation of teachers to be designers, guides and evaluators of student-led, real-world learning programs.  Participants will be presented with ideas rooted in a schooling model that champions student agency, choice, and voice.  We will explore strategies for reimagining university-based teacher education to catalyze project and place-based education in local, national and global contexts.