Chau Pham

Global Mobility Coordinator, FPT University

Applicant: Chau Pham - Global Mobility Coordinator Bachelor’s Degree: Education Department: Education Global, FPT University, Vietnam Professional Experience: Educational Program Development, Intercultural Communication, Skills Education, Student Mentoring - Career Orientation I graduate from Vietnam National University (Vietnam's top 3 University) in 2019, and have been working in the education industry ever since. I worked in Youth Empowerment programs from 2019 to early 2021, and built programs for Vietnamese and international students to learn about necessary 21st Century Skills, especially skills that are vital for a successful future career. Starting from 2021, until now, I have worked in FPT University to develop skill building programs, particularly Internship programs for international students. The Internship program comes in both online and offline mode of delivery, which can provide students with well-rounded experiences of the real working world in the modern age. Through my work, I have encountered students from multiple backgrounds at higher education levels, and I have also collaborated with various kinds of educational institutions, from enthusiastic NGOs to respected universities. This has given me much practical experience regarding the field of skills education and career development for students. That is why I am confident that I can contribute greatly as a speaker in the GESS Asia conference.


Leaders in Education ENG

15 September 2022 | 15:00 - 15:30 | English | 21st Century Skills and Employability: FPT's Internship Program

Higher Education is under much pressure to help students secure good employability and transition into the working world. This is a demanding task that needs collaboration from education institutes. In FPT's view, giving students practical working experience and chances to harness 21st Century Skills are vital in helping them gain a great starting point in working.  FPT has a solution so students can experience a professional position, with much support from experts, so students can effectively learn as well as work, and improve their profile. The skills that FPT focuses on are Collaboration, Communication, and Autonomy. With FPT, students can gradually develop or master these skills, take control of their education, and be more active learners.  This solution can benefit both students and the education system. Students will achieve a high level of personal development, making it easier for universities to support and guide students to brighter career prospects.