Auzi Asfarian

Lecturer, IPB University

Auzi Asfarian received his bachelor's (2012) and master's (2014) in computer science from Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia. In 2014, he applied and was accepted as a tenure lecturer candidate in the Department of Computer Science, IPB University, and became a full-time lecturer starting on 27 February 2017. He joins the Software Engineering and Computer Science Division with a focus area on Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design. Auzi has significant performance in various fields. He has published in 13 national journals and 13 international conferences, and one national conference in the last five years. He has co-authored four books in informatics for high school students. These books are significant for disseminating informatics competence in high school students and serve as the first official book to be used in the newly implemented informatics curriculum in high school. He also active in the IEEE Indonesia Section and ACM SIGCHI Chapter.


Future Learning

15 September 2022 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | Promoting Digital Community of Practices to Attains 21st Century Skills

The current higher education curriculum emphasizes collaboration between academia and industry to present experiential learning environments for higher education students. One of the strategies we use to support learning environments is to provide students access to a community of practices (CoP), a group of people with common expertise and concern, enabling sharing of practices between members in various forms. In this presentation, we will discuss the potential of a CoP in supporting higher education. We presented a case study of the integration of CoP in the User Experience Design Course, where students not only attain competence and skills from lecturers through a university course but also through their interaction with industry experts and alumni networks in the established CoP. We presented a Lesson Learned and a Roadmap of our efforts which hopefully can be helpful for other educators to implement or improves the strategy in their respective case.